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Determine what you need to pay for. If you are not exhibiting, then purchase your Banquet and Dance tickets.

If you are a vendor, select your category and pay your fee, and pay for your Banquet and Dance tickets if you are attending those.

Example: If your first selection is "Banquet", click the button. You will be instructed to indicate the number of Banquet Tickets you want to pay for, so change the 1 to a 2 if you want 2 tickets.

Then, if you also want "Dance Tickets", click on the "continue shopping" link which will bring you back to this page. Click on the Dance button and do the same as above.

If you are not an Exhibitor, and you have made your Banquet and/or Dance selections...then proceed to check-out. 

If you are an exhibitor, and have not yet paid, click "continue shopping" and select the button for your category.  Make sure you have everything selected that you want, and the correct number of tickets desired before going to "Check-Out" so you will only need to enter your PayPal account or Credit Card information once.

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