PLEASE READ: Info for Vendors coming to Amarillo for the 2011
International Route 66 Festival Re: Transient Business License:

Any Vendor requesting an OUTDOOR  space (not in a building) MUST have a Transient Business License.
The cost is $25.00. (All vendors will likely be indoors)

Where can I get more information about a Transient Business License? On the City's website at a link is available to the City's Municipal Code, or the following link directly to the Transient and Occasional Sales section of the code: Municipal Code online Section 14-6 or you may contact any of the Commercial Plans Examiners in the Department of Building Safety at 806-378-3533.
Online Application: To copy & print out...
Go to:  You must send in your $25.00 with your application. We will take care of the property owner signature for the property that you will be setting up in, so leave that section blank on the application.

Sales Tax Permit:
All vendors (inside or out) selling taxable merchandise MUST have a Sales Tax Permit. (permit is FREE.) Go to:  On the Home page, in the middle of the page under "I Want To", ... select...
"apply for a sales tax permit' . All the information should be there along with the permit. This permit you can file
online. But you must either fax or mail the signature form. It will take 2-3 weeks for them to mail you the permit, so please do this as early as possible. Allow at least 30 days, so do it soon!) A vendor with questions or needing help completing the application, can contact the Tax Assistance staff at 1-800-252-5555. You may also email questions to or write to Post Office Box 13528, Austin TX 78711-3528
Exhibitor Update: -

We are still looking for artists, authors, collectors, vendors, etc.. We are making a list and need to know which State Associations will be in attendance.

Exhibitors/Vendors/Associations will be set-up inside buildings on 6th. Avenue... the SJCA cafeteria and Art Gray's building, where all the action will be Friday afternoon and evening, and on Saturday. Associations will be in one area, collectors in another, artists & authors, etc.  There will be signage on the buildings so people will know where to go.  

State Associations will be offered a free 8' table as will collectors who are not selling anything. Selling Vendors will pay $100., Artists & Authors will pay $66 (tables will be provided) and both will receive a listing on the website and a listing in the 30,000 festival newspapers we are printing.

Booth size will be approx. 10' wide and 8' deep. Spaces will be as close to 8x10 as possible, but since these are not empty square buildings the spaces will not all be equal. There will be no home-show type set-up (back drape with side rails and drapes) due to the added expense. Since an 8' table will be provided, and may be placed parallel with the aisle, that leaves 2' to enter your space. We could get 22 spots in the SJCA Cafeteria, NOT including the fixed bar in the middle, which can be utilized also. We could get 10 spots on the largest side of Art Gray's building, and maybe 6 on the smaller side. The smaller side might be where we would want to use those 1/2 size tables, for people who had fewer books or items than others...(so that's 38 plus the fixed bar that is about 89 feet long & 2 feet wide). Please understand that these are not empty square spaces and you need to be prepared to like their neighbor!

Plan to bring a couple of smaller tables, table covers, power cords, folding chairs (if not provided), etc. for your display. Set up will need to be before Noon on Friday (they should be open from 12:00 to 6:00pm) and take down would be at just after 4:00pm on Saturday (10:00 to 4:00), so that people would be able to make it to the Banquet, which in not in the immediate area. (It might be possible for people to set up on Thursday, but that would be something we will have to check on.)

Wi-Fi is presently not available in these locations, however that may change.  Prepare for either situation.

There may be an option of a vendor being outside in case a large display, car or trailer is to be used as an exhibit, near the car show...something like that. E-Mail Us

Unless you specifically request an outside space, all exhibitors will be inside,and will not have to pay the $25. City vendor fee (See details below).
The paper will have the Texas Passport in it for you to get stamped on your way across the Texas Panhandle.

If you will be in the AAAAAA, or a vendor, please E-Mail a short bio and a photo so we can include you on the appropriate page

Submit payments by Credit Card, Check or from your PayPal Account: CLICK HERE .
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